Palouse Hotline

For Community Support, call (509) 608-3648

This is a volunteer-run website to supply information and resources for Palouse, Washington (the town) community while managing COVID-19. Please bookmark this page for updates. 

We are working as a community to care for our at-risk community members, offer assistance to one another, and share helpful information. We can work together to care for one another.

Stay Home - Stay Healthy Order from Governor Jay Inslee, Washington State
♡ Palouse Cares statement from Palouse Hotline

Understanding COVID-19

What you Need to Know about COVID-19
Symptoms of COVID-19
FAQs about COVID-19
Why Social Distancing Is Important (Flatten the Curve)

Where to find up-to-date information

Whitman County Public Health
Washington State Department of Health
Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

Community Health

*If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, the first step is to call your  health provider. Area healthcare providers will see you if you don’t have insurance or a health provider. Emergency Health Contact List
Healthcare and Mental Health Resources
News Release from Palouse Fire & EMS

Community Updates

Local Food Resources
News from schools, churches, services, more

Community Support

If you are in need of support (physical, financial, emotional, spiritual), please reach out to this network of volunteer neighbors.
Call/Text to leave a message at (509) 608-3648 or fill out a Community Support Questionnaire online.

Help Eachother

If you are interested in providing help for your neighbors, join our team by submitting your contact info via Volunteer Form

Support Local Business Owners

We can continue to support our local business community in Palouse. See this page to order food or local goods online or via phone. Please reach out if you would like your business listed for online sales, take-out, advertising, or otherwise.

Online Resources

For Parents
For Business Owners
State Relief and Financial Assistance
Healthcare, Mental Health
Fun! Stay-Home Entertainment!


This website was created specifically to address needs of neighbors in Palouse the town, 99161, USA